Центр Делового Туризма

Центр Делового Туризма
Our task - fast and efficient processing of visas.

We know all the changes and innovations of consulates and diplomatic missions in visa matters.

We provide free consultation - registrate visa with our help or independently.

Business Travel Centre will issue visas to all the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia.

We are ready to assist, even in the most difficult situations. As soon as possible we will collect all the necessary documents and visa.
We have an individual approach to each case, and select the option that fits the purpose of your trip.
You can visit our office or a specialist come in a convenient place for you.

Take advantage of visa support of the Center of Business Travel and live without limits!
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Контактная информация тел. (099)981-26-22; (068)333-15-47; (093)474-15-33.